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Google Cloud – System Operations Workshop

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Google Cloud – System Operations Workshop

Overview:   The course is designed based on  Google Cloud Subject Matter Expert to help organization user to perform system operation in Google Cloud  

Key Features:

  • 4 days of instructor-led training
  • Includes 1 Day of  Google Cloud technical Essentials course bundled in this
  • Training delivered by Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect
  • Trainer is also a consultant helping clients to migrate to Google cloud  
  • Prepares for you to deploy and manage resources in Google Cloud


  • Understand the core concepts of  Google Cloud  
  • Perform System operation in Google cloud
  • Rich hands-on labs to understand concepts better
  • Understand and create VPC    
  •  Deploy and operate on Google cloud  storage, Database, compute services


This is not a certification program and is aimed at helping you acquire skills required to perform system operation in Google cloud .

  • Systems administrators and IT managers
  • IT administrators and operators
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Linux/Unix Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Windows Server Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Cloud Systems Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Network Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Storage Implementation Engineer or Administrator



Google Technical Essentials

  User Sign up?

  Google Compute Platform (GCP)– 10000 feet overview?

Module 1: Google Cloud Platform Projects

Module 2:Instances

Module 3: Networks

Lab: Google Compute Engine Networks

Module 4: Disks and Images

Module 5: Authorization

Module 6: Snapshots

Module 7: Google Cloud Storage

Module 8: Instance Groups

Module 9: Google Cloud SQL

Module 10: Metadata

Module 11: Startup and Shutdown Scripts

Module 12: Autoscaling

Module 13: Load Balancing




  • Gives an edge over other professionals in the same field, in term of pay package.
  • All roads are leading to Cloud, and everyone is adopting Cloud computing .Hence would require Cloud Engineers to drive their journey to cloud
  • Helpful for People are trying to transition to  Cloud Engineer roles
  • Verifies that you are aware of the latest features of Cloud