Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA)

The interaction between a cloud environment and the existing network/administrative policies is one of the most challenging management issues to resolve. This is the domain of cloud administrators. They configure and maintain the cloud platform—and have to understand and master all aspects regarding cloud provisioning. The Cloud Administrator course enables Network, Systems, and Database Administrators to effectively operate in the cloud.


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Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA)

Professional Cloud Administrator

The CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification provides network, systems and database administrators with insights to cloud administration to effectively manage cloud solutions. This certification guides administrators through the shift, covering all aspects of cloud administration. The certification lays out the core components of the cloud administrator function and the necessary skills. Candidates will be able to apply the underpinning administration concepts in an enterprise cloud computing environment, while taking into account the impact of the shift of some aspects of a cloud administration role to external cloud providers. The course also explores the broadening of cloud administration remit including IT environments that are elastic and involve self-service administration through third parties with varying degrees of access control.

Key Features

  • 2 days of instructor led classroom training
  • Certification Exam
  • Softcopy of the material
  • 24 PDU’s Certificate
  • Highly proficient & certified trainers
This is a professional level course, and relevant to professionals with at least 2-5 years of experience as an Administrator. The course prepares candidates for the Professional Cloud Administrator Certification (PCA).

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Individuals certified at this level will have a demonstrated understanding of:

  • Types of Cloud Environments: Cloud environment controls, hosting, ITO Outsourcing, CoLoc, Onshore, offshore versus cloud.
  • Planning for cloud capacity: Policy management and third party management.
  • Cloud Administration technology: Virtual networks, storage and computing, application management in the cloud.
  • Security administration, compliance and certification.
  • Cloud Provisioning: Capacity Management, Service Desk Management, cloud provisioning/ automation management.


There are no required prerequisites for this certification. It is recommended participants possess a CCC Cloud Technology Associate or similar level qualification.

  • Exam Type: Scenario Based, Complex Multiple Choice
  • No. of Questions: 25
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Additional Time Provisions:15 minutes additional time for candidates who speak English as a second language
  • Open Book: No
  • Pass Score: 65%
  • Mode of Exam: Online


The Cloud Administrator course will be of interest to:

(Primary Audience)
  • Network Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
(Database Administrator Secondary Audience)
  • Service Desk Managers
  • Senior Operators


  • Module 1. Cloud Resource Administration and Provisioning
  • Module 2. Scalable and Elastic Administration
  • Module 3. Cloud Interoperability & Portability
  • Module 4. Strategic Policy Design for Cloud Usage and Compliance
  • Module 5. Business Continuity Strategies and Disaster Recovery for Cloud
  • Module 6. Cloud Security Fundamentals
  • Module 7. Federated Controls and Strategies for Multiple Cloud and Non-cloud Administration
  • Module 8. Performance Measures, Monitoring and Optimization in Production


  • The Cloud Credential Council’s Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA) designation is a globally recognized certification for Cloud Administrators.
  • Being PCA-certified showcases your experience in a cloud environment, and demonstrates the relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Globally there is a shortage of people with Cloud Administrator skills. Enhance your career by earning the Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA) certification from the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) – globally known as the standard of achievement for administrators of cloud-based solutions. Organizations that employ PCAs will have experts on board that can help maximize the business opportunities that cloud is creating