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Microsoft Excel Training Level 3 (Advanced)

This Advanced Microsoft Excel training class is designed for students to gain the skills necessary to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros.

Learn the expert features and functions in Microsoft Excel, alongside our expert author, to help you get you beyond the basics and have advanced-level proficiency within the Excel suite.



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Microsoft Excel Training Level 3 (Advanced)

Microsoft Excel Training  2010 Level 3

This course covers how to work more efficiently with workbooks and worksheets, enhance the appearance of data and worksheets, perform analysis using functions and use the sorting and filtering features to manage and analyse data

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • use the fill operations available to fill a data series
  • understand and use formula cell referencing to create more complex formulas
  • use a range of logical functions
  • apply conditional formatting to ranges in a worksheet
  • create and use labels in a workbook
  • work with various elements of a worksheet
  • use a range of techniques to work with worksheets
  • use a range of find and replace techniques
  • apply a variety of page setup techniques
  • sort data in a list in a worksheet
  • filter data in a table
  • create effective charts in Microsoft Excel
  • use a range of techniques to enhance charts
  • apply formatting techniques to text on charts
  • Softcopy of training manual, shortcut keys and formulas
  • 3 Months FREE email support for queries

This course will significantly  benefit

This course is intended for current Microsoft Excel users who wish to extend their knowledge and skills beyond building simple workbooks. Students should have already completed Excel 2010 Level 1 course or know how to create and save an excel workbook, enter simple formulas and print and chart data.
  • Unit 1: Conditional Formatting
  • Unit 2: Sorting Data
  • Unit 3: Filtering Data
  • Unit 4: Filling Data
  • Unit 5: PivotTables
  • Unit 6: Charting Techniques
  • Unit 7: File / Data Security
  • Unit 8: Formulas
  • Unit 9: Formula Referencing
  • Unit 10: Logical Functions
  • Unit 11: Lookup Functions