Goal Setting & Execution

 “Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking”

-          Jeroen De Flander


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Goal Setting & Execution

All of us want to achieve various things in life. We aspire for all aspects like personal life, relationships and career. How many times do we stop and think where we stand in all these areas? Everything that we really want to do is a goal to be worked upon with dedication and a clear action plan. If you are seeking clarity in your life right now or if you are unable to effectively achieve your goals, this workshop is for you. In this course you will discover what you really want to achieve and go back with an action plan that will take you there

·         Identifying your priorities in life

·         Understanding how to establish goals effectively

·         Developing strategies to execute the goals and overcome challenges

·         Prepare an action plan to achieve desired goals

You will receive a participation certificate on completion of the course

Anyone who wants to achieve success in every area of their life by establishing effective goals and accomplishing them

·         Creating a life purpose statement for yourself

·         Importance of achieving a balance in your life

·         How to identify and create your goals

·         The importance of SMART Goals

·         Why goal setting is not enough?

·         Turning your goals into reality - taking action

·         Using Time management techniques

·         Overcoming Procrastination

·         Tips for completing tasks

·         Identifying two goals you want to achieve

·         Creating goal statement

·         Formulate a strategy for yourself

·         Dealing with roadblocks and challenges