Essential Skills for New Managers

“Congratulations! You are now a manager”. However wonderful this may sound you will agree that it can be a difficult transition from being an individual contributor to a first- time manager. Suddenly you are the one taking the critical decisions and the team looks up to you for solutions and guidance. It means being able to trust your own judgement in your decisions and resolve tough situations effectively. It also means being responsible for your team’s performance – success and failure. 



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Essential Skills for New Managers

 There is no single recipe for being a good manager. However, this course will equip you will essential skills which will increase your confidence in your new role and put you on the road of great start

·         Learn how to lead and guide your team

·         Understand how to make better decisions after assessing different possibilities

·         Communicate effective with your team and colleagues

·         Motivate your team and enable them to achieve their goals

You will receive a participation certificate on completion of the course

New managers, managers who want to develop their skills further to be effective in their role.

·         Interpersonal skills

·         Techniques in giving feedback and coaching

·         Building relationships using effective communication

·         Having difficult conversations

·         Team building

·         Understanding the strengths of your team and individual differences

·         Barriers in a team and how to overcome them

·         Goal setting and performance management

·         How to set goals effectively for the team

·         Develop strategies to execute goals and overcome obstacles

·         Do and don’ts of performance reviews

·         Conflict management and Decision making

·         Understanding conflicts and strategies to handle them

·         Edward de Bono’s 6 thinking hats