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Business Etiquette and Professional Image

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.

~ Thomas Jefferson



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Business Etiquette and Professional Image

Etiquette and Professionalism are never out of style. Attention to etiquette is a sign of professionalism and respect for others, and it can make positive first impressions while building trust among colleagues. In today’s competitive business arena, those who hone their business etiquette skills convey greater professionalism, confidence, and competence. These skills reflect on your company’s brand and image in a positive way. They set you and your company apart from others.

Learning how to manage your own professional image is extremely important. Your professional image tends to project your character throughout the workplace and is critical for your career success and advancement. This course will take you through the essential business etiquette skills that every professional should practice. With tips to manage your image you will always make every impression a lasting one!

·         Create a professional image, follow office and cubicle etiquette

·         Learn how to follow proper etiquette in meetings

·         Display courtesy on the telephone, in person and in written communication

·         Follow proper etiquette in business functions and dinners

There are no formal assessments for this course. You will receive a participation certificate on completion of the course.

All business professionals who want to be more confident and enhance their professional image.

Understanding etiquette

·         In office, the cubicle, meetings

·         Appropriate use of internet and technology

·         Business functions and dinners

Communicating with courtesy

·         Introducing people, handshakes, exchanging business cards

·         Guidelines for email, telephone and letters

Looking good in the workplace

·         Personal grooming

·         How clothes affect your professional presence

·         Choosing the appropriate attire that you can carry

Virtual You - Your online image

·         What reputation are you creating online?

·         Maintaining your personal space and privacy

·         How to protect yourself from embarrassment