Beat The Stress

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

--William James


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Beat The Stress

When life is spinning out of control and it’s hard to cope up with it, you feel stressed. Stress is inevitable and that’s the reality of life. While there maybe scenarios that are beyond our control, most of our stress can be reduced if we make the required changes in our habits, attitude and behaviour. In this workshop, you will identity your stressors and learn mechanisms to deal with them. With our practical relaxation techniques, you will leave the course both refreshed and energized. With a personal action plan, you will be ready to make some positive changes.

·         Identifying your personal stressors and their impact

·         Developing new thought patterns and behaviours  

·         Implementing lifestyle changes to build resilience  

·         Understanding how to respond positively to situations beyond your control

·         Learning practical techniques that will enable you to relax

 Individuals who feel that stress is affecting their daily life, performance at work and their personality. Also, those working in high pressure environments and are looking to develop techniques that will enable them to manage their stress effectively.

Stress happens

·         Know your stressors and how they affect you

·         Difference between constructive and destructive stress

·         Recognizing symptoms in yourself and others

Understanding the stress loop and how to break it

·         Controlling your thought patterns

·         Forming constructive behaviours

·         Handling difficult situations that are beyond your control

·         Effectively handling the behaviour of others

10 easy relaxation techniques that you will love Including positive changes in your lifestyle

·         Being more organized

·         Reducing clutter in your mind and around you

·         Importance of eating right

·         Balancing work and personal life

Learning to cope with major events

·         Devising your action plan

You will receive a participation certificate on completion of the course