Tips For Becoming an Outstanding Communicator

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Tips For Becoming an Outstanding Communicator

Communication is expressing thoughts and emotions through a limited vehicle of language. It can be done through speech or writing, and both should be used to the fullest, in hopes of being understood by your audience.

There are three Vs of communication namely, Verbal, Visual, and Vocal. And in this article, we will discuss how you can become an outstanding communicator by successfully implementing these three. The ability to captivate, engage, motivate, inspire, and tug their emotions and critical thinking are the marks of a good communicator.

Moreover, it can be achieved through intensive training programs; like with us, at myLearningKey, we provide How to Be an Outstanding Communicator course which can help you communicate effectively and efficiently. We have also listed down some tips on how you can become an outstanding communicator in Abu Dhabi. This list can help you a lot in successfully engage with your audience when you are talking to a group.

1. You must keep it simple. Sometimes, what strikes the audience more is the simplicity of the language used by the speaker. You should use words that can be easily understood by your audience.

2. You should be responsible for making sure that ‘communication’ is happening correctly – it starts and ends with you. Don’t expect others to lift you – no one can talk about your topic as well as you do.

3. Know that communication is both an instrument of strategy and a strategy itself. The goals of your organization and your goals as well can be achieved through effective communication.

4. Consider the needs of your audience. Give them attention – individually and as a whole. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes to clearly understand what they need to hear, see, and comprehend during your talk.

5. Planned communication doesn’t just happen. An outstanding communicator can make their communication look seamless, effortlessly, and they achieve it through practice and planning.

6. Communication is about dialogue, and in order for you to be a good communicator, you must go beyond the information you purposely wanted to tell – have a real ‘conversation’ with your audience.

7. You can also use stories in order for you to create an emotional connection with your audience. People choose to follow leaders that made them ‘feel’, so ignite that side of the audience in order to captivate them holistically.

8. Make sure that your actions are not so disturbing and it complements your words because usually, people watch you more than actually listen to all that you say.

9. You must train your voice to have the right articulation, intonation, and pitch depending on the size of your audience. Apply an expression to your voice and face as well.

10. And of course, you must also warm up your language. In communicating, what we want if for others to understand us and be able to connect with them in a higher level than being a mere speaker in a conversation. So warm up your language, also means that you will use modern or traditional terms that you know is presently used by people, and through this, you will be able to tap their interest.

A good example of an effective communicator is Nelson Mandela, an inspiring leader and a consummate communicator who gave the most relevant lessons about effective communication which are authenticity, influence, and humble confidence – that up to now are executed by preeminent speakers as well.

You will be able to learn more if you apply for our outstanding communicator course; and what’s good is that you can also have an outstanding communicator certification – a proof that you are indeed, an excellent, exceptional, effective, and efficient communicator that people will choose to listen to.


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