Programming Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Learn


Programming Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Learn

What do you perceive when you hear the words ‘programming’ and ‘coding’?

Initially, we have this mindset that programming is difficult to learn. However, that is not the case for some because, at the present, there has been an uproar that aims to increase the awareness of learning how to code – mainly on students – saying that programming and coding are also for kids. The ability to code has now an unmatched importance that is why a lot of individuals and schools are supporting this aim.

Kids in this generation are growing up in a totally different world – mobile phones, computers, Facebook, YouTube – even the games are programmed inside different devices. Indeed, programming has changed the world. These days, your ideas can now turn into life with the help of programming and coding – and if you want your kids to be a great thinker and innovator in the future, these two are the best things that he/she has to learn.

It is actually advisable for parents to include coding and programming in their kids’ homeschooling. It is tested and true; children who have experienced it are saying that it is fun to create something out of their own effort; and through coding and programming, it will help them figure out what they want to be in the future.

And in this article, we’ll tell you why programming is needed to be studied by the students.

Math Performance

  • 1. It is said that with programming, children will have an easier time to learn math and understand abstract math concepts. Children will be able to use real-world applications when they are learning, and also gain computational, logic, organization, and analyzing skills as they dig deeper into programming.
  • 2. Kids can also use programming in their projects in school – and stand out from the rest. Their problem-solving skills will be enhanced especially when they learn to create or debug programs.
  • 3. Since children sometimes think Math is a scary thing, with programming, it will be replaced by fun and innovation especially when they finally gain hypothetical thinking, trial-and-error testing, and strategies – which are actually required in our everyday lives or even in their future fields.



  • 1. Programming and coding will help children to be imaginative – to have a creative and curious mindset. They will be able to come up with different ideas and learn how to make them into reality. Basically, the whole brain thinking of the kids will be strengthened because of the complex concepts that encompassed programming; but it is beneficial to your children, mainly. We know that our brain’s right hemisphere is for the imaginative, artistic, and intuitive thinking skills while the left hemisphere is linked with logical, technical, and analytical thinking; and with programming, both hemispheres will be used, producing kids who are effective problem solvers.



  • 1. Through programming and coding, kids will develop the characteristics of perseverance. They will learn to persist if they create something that is not working. They will become eager to work better and analyze the right procedures to do in order for their project to perform efficiently. They will persevere and they will keep on getting better at programming and coding.


Job Opportunities in the Future

  • 1. It is true that kids in this generation must be literate in technology for the future job market. Learning how to code and program are synonymous with learning how to read and write – it will be among the basic educational necessities that kids should learn if they want to be competitive in the future.


  • 2. Moreover, coding and Programming will truly help your child to become better in many aspects – it will make your child think logically and analytically; that is why schools are trying to implement and put it in the curriculum already.


  • 3. Coding and Programming allow your child to be a part of the next big innovation – they will be among those people who can make their ideas a reality, thus, give them the confidence to be builders and designers in the future.


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