Machine Learning is shaping the Cloud Computing

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Machine Learning is shaping the Cloud Computing

The advances in technology just keep getting better and better. At the present, machine learning is the one making all the noise because of the benefits that it can give to every aspect of human life. Machine Learning is one of the best innovations in the evolution of automation; and if it is built together with cloud computing, it can be a lot more beneficial.

In this article, we will discuss all the possible impacts of Machine Learning on Cloud Computing. However, before running an AI system you need to have scalable and low-cost resources for computing and storage and a processing power to chomp huge volumes of data.

Moreover, you will be able to see the impact of machine learning mainly on these aspects:

Cognitive Computing

Machine learning allows computing in the cloud. All the data stored in the cloud can become a good source of information that can enhance machine learning process. With the huge number of people accessing the cloud every day and the million processes that occur it, these can be the ultimate way for the machine to learn about all the relevant information needed.

Soon enough, cognitive computing systems can be seen in different industries like healthcare, hospitality, business, and even personal lives.

Personal Assistance and Chatbots

Apple Siri, Google Allo, and Microsoft Cortana have made individual’s lives easy with just voice commands. Although made to simplify the needs of the people, these still have limited capabilities.

And through machine learning, all the personal assistance can be done the way we see it in science fiction, wherein it is almost the same with human interaction.

Machine learning can give a human touch to chatbots and enhance their capacity to interact with humans.

Increased Demand for Cloud

Cloud is an essential computing commodity in all fields, and integrating machine learning will only increase the need for intelligent clouds in the market and soon, it will be spread all over the world. Digital transformation, for example, is an ongoing process that all companies are attuned in, to see if there are any new advances that they can use to leap on a higher advantage from their competitors.

The use of machine learning on the healthcare sector, for example, will help doctors to know the right procedures to do on their patients – because of the years of gathering information it did on different cases, and make comparisons or give new approaches of treatment.

Business Intelligence

The integration of machine learning to cloud computing will help business intelligence perform better than they usually do – it will be more advanced, predictive, and makes real-time suggestions or even future predictions regarding the kind of business intelligence that a market needs.

It will predict current trends and propose what actions should be generated, thus, makes things easier for market leaders.


IoT is endless – smart cars, phones, homes, and real-time accident predictions – IoT works towards connecting everything on one web. And since the connectivity is growing, more data will be produced, and IoT will work better with machine learning.

And with all the advancements in technology that have already happened, with machine learning, more progressions are yet to happen.

AI as a Service

AIaaS is potentially becoming a model delivery that gives efficient and fast AI solutions. And AI as a platform makes the intelligent automation easier to all users who don’t want to encounter complexities of the processes.

With this, the demand for cloud will increase as well as its capabilities.

A Symbiotic Relationship

Our future has the intelligent cloud in it. The connection between cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and humans ( as well as their dependency on each other ) will be the reason why machine learning will be essential in the future.

The Facebook AI incident is the reason why we need to take control of the interaction with machines. And the cloud can help provide AI with the information to learn, while the AI provides more information, automate, and make the cloud a better and intelligent one.


Machine learning and the cloud has a future that’s tied together. And with the kind of era that we are living in now, we need to be equipped with enough knowledge regarding these two. And thankfully, we, myLearningKey offer courses in Cloud Technology and all our course are certified by CCC.

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