(IoT) Internet of things: Its Impacts, Benefits and Driving Forces


(IoT) Internet of things: Its Impacts, Benefits and Driving Forces

We hear the term ‘internet of things’ in and out of work. It has potentially become a trending topic within individuals and so far, it has promising impacts on our future.

Before we dive into the complexities of “Internet of Things”, we must understand first that internet nowadays is becoming more accessible, Wi-Fi can connect numerous devices to it, the cost of technology is decreasing, smartphones are being in-demand – all these are a ‘perfect storm’ for the IoT.

So, what is “Internet of Things”? Generally, IoT is the reason why our world will be more connected and communicative in a sophisticated manner in the future. We will become one big information system, that typically let living and non-living things alike be allied with one another. Simply put, IoT is a concept that allows ANY device ( that has an on/off switch ) to connect to the INTERNET ( eg. cell phones, lamps, wearable devices, etc. )

IoT is the relationship between people-people, things-things, people-things.

How will IoT impact us?

Computers will now know things that may be beyond human capacity – they can track everything, reduce waste, loss, and cost. They can tell us when we need to replace, change, and repair something before it gets damaged entirely. In vehicles, for example, your car can send an SMS to your friends if you are going to be late if it sees a heavy traffic along the way. When your alarm clock goes off, it can notify your coffee maker to brew a coffee for you already.

To sum it up, IoT can make things so much easier for us. It can improve the way we live.

The Benefits of IoT

  • Tracks behavior for a real-time marketing
  • Enhances situational awareness
  • Sensor-driven decision analytics
  • Optimized processes
  • Resource consumption optimization
  • Instant control and response in autonomous systems
  • Improved connectivity with all ( people and things )
  • Enhanced lifestyle


Driving Forces that makes IoT be Pushed to an Increased Pace:

  • Abundant Networks – because all of us want and need to be connected.
  • Connected Computing – we want our devices to keep track of everything that we are doing as we go on a day, anywhere we are – even without us having the need to type it by ourselves – device-device is now happening.
  • Supply Chain Analytics – we want our products to arrive on time. The IoT can monitor, watch, and wait for a product that needs to arise.
  • Aging Workforce – since humans age, people will be forced to hire M2M ( machine – to – machine )  workforce that can work for us.
  • Improved Economy – some people predict that IoT’s effect on the economy will be huge – it will likely to exceed $1.9 trillion in the year 2020 alone.

Indeed, IoT is becoming a big thing in our world today and it will continue to do so, with the fact that it’s becoming a necessity, rather than an ‘experiment’.

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