How is Big Data Beneficial to Companies?

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How is Big Data Beneficial to Companies?

According to some, you should focus on delivering value and the data quickly, make use of new toolsets and cloud for the acceleration of process and identify all the specific problems you want to solve in your business, to maximize the use of Big Data in your company. It may be confusing but we have simplified these three for you:

Delivering value and the data quickly

  • Having the right data fabric can allow you to be tactical and strategic. Never consider data as an asset, recognize data resource at its maximum usage and indulge in operations to take more action to drive revenue growth.
  • Make the data actionable and available instead of clearing it to the data lake and try to use it in the future.
  • Adjust the data throughout the organization. Create dashboards that are understandable.
  • Allow clients to get real-time results quickly. Create apps to scale to hundreds of terabytes.
  • Document how your goals, projects, and objectives work.
  • Design and use technologies that can meet or exceed your metrics. Use this data to drive, augment, and monitor all areas of your business.

Some organizations have observed the following after adopting big data:

  1. Use automation to speed up delivery, development, and maintenance of data processes.
  2. Using middleware fabrics for business’ logic and context of big data.
  3. Using data management processes to know trustworthiness of data assets.

Make use of new toolsets and cloud

  • Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft – drop your data into Azure for analyzing of the data.
  • Simplify the process by using tools. It is hard to execute the vision for your platform so you need to leverage the tools to simplify the process.
  • Use public cloud platforms and their tools to invest initially, like Amazon Web Services an Azure
  • Adjust expectations because it takes time.

Identify all the specific problems

  • Technology is really helpful to us –, especially regarding computation and storage. Focus on your data and see if there are any problems occurring. Have a clear desired outcome in your mind.
  • Process the records swiftly. Stop collecting data and prioritize the problems you need to solve first.
  • Keep real business in your mind while managing and storing data. This may vary in each industry but the bottom line is, do everything with real business in mind

Other Key Points:

  • Look at problems holistically and solve it. Create one platform to solve these gradually.
  • Make informed decisions throughout your organization and empower each other.
  • Analyze data in a digital format, this is easier.
  • Get your infrastructure in place.
  • Have a 360 degree-view of the customers to serve them better, to maximize the value of your big data.

If you are still confused or if you want to know more about Big Data, we, at myLearning Key provides courses regarding this. We can discuss Hadoop Administration, BDF ( CCC Big Data Format ) and all other business courses with you, to help you gain more knowledge about certain topics which can help in the growth of your business.



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