Agile Predictions of 2018

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Agile Predictions of 2018

Agile and Digital are the yin and yang for the 21st century. We live in a world of accelerations, and intensive improvements in our technologies just keep on rushing and emerging. More businesses want to be more agile and digital alike. And this year, 2018, we’ll see what agile will give to us. But before that, let’s look back on the previous years. Let’s see what Agile brought to the industry years back:


It was the year of frameworks. We were all excited to see Agile based frameworks booming in the community


This was the year when organizations derived customized solutions and moved away from prescriptive frameworks. These solutions are based on the values, principles and mindset of the manifesto. Last 2016, we focused on the whole organization, and not just on the IT or development teams. It was also the year when agile coaching rose.


It was the year of leadership awareness and leadership support. 2017 taught us that the mindset and the social awareness of the team set psychological safety.

1. And now, we’ll move on to some predictions about agile this 2018. We’ll discuss briefly each of the prediction to give you a forecast about agile from which can be beneficial to you and your business’ growth this year and the years to come.

2. The product owners will be empowered. The technical and business needs will confluence to create a successful product. The product owner will be able to deal with any mess and decide which to focus on, based on the consumers’ needs. This year, organizations will concentrate on customers and the products that they use. Product owners will improve their techniques in Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Analytics to make better decisions.

3. Talents and practice will grow in strength. This year, the HR will acquire and outspread the talent of an organization. They will hire, develop, promote and support everyone with their jobs. The cross-functional of a team will improve and not eradicate the agile teams. Agile coaches will expose the team to be more aware and professional with the team’s overall function. There will be an increase in the participation of these talents in the industry.

4. Large-scale outsourced agile transformations will decrease and the specialized out-sourced help will increase; making it in line with the agile way.

5. The organization will double down on metrics, and focus on simplicity and customer value. This can improve the way the workers do and allow empirical process that is based on customer value

6. And, teams and organizations will be more systematized – the team will be a priority, be treated and motivated fairly, so they can come up with products that your customers will consume. When you reach a good team level, you might be able to work incrementally with agile – centered on value and focus. Train your team to be aligned with the customers to have a validated business.


Agility is people over process. It is crucial to building a strong and founded team first before you can come up with products that can satisfy your customers. This 2018, make sure to give your team the appropriate attention and work with them smoothly to avoid conflicts, mishaps and unexpected occurrences in your business.

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